Boma experiences are designed to leave you thinking and acting.

Boma Events

You’re in Good Company. Gatherings from a few hours to a few days bringing together a cross-section of people to have an open dialogue and take action together.


From the people, to the topics to the food we eat, each element is custom designed.


You’ll get thinking of topics and angles you hadn’t considered.

From Inspiration to Impact

Move forward with a new connections and deeper sense of personal accountability.

Boma Learning Programs

Helping you transform your organization so it’s future-ready.

Intentional and Intelligent Leaders

Boma programs connect leaders to their personal values to make purpose-driven decisions in the face of change and build a more sustainable and abundant future for us all.

Custom Tailored

Focused sessions that dive deep based on your specific objectives. We’ll help you explore every angle of a domain, and guide you through activities to move forward.

Action Oriented

Boma combines ‘What you need to know” with “Who you need to be”. We provide leaders with the tools needed to immediately put knowledge into practice.

Boma Club

A curated membership program aimed at developing smart purpose-driven leaders.


From thought provoking dinners to immersive learning experiences, Boma Club events aim to bring together leaders – connecting them around  important topics that matter to our country and our world.

Boma Forums

Boma Forums are small groups of Boma members who meet on a monthly basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust to learn from one another and exchange ideas.

 International Access

Access members-only experiences, tours and more in other countries in our network. It’s an opportunity to connect with our teams and join a global community that’s focused on positive impact.