Boma Canada

Perspectives on Covid-19

Monday March  23, 2020 | 8:00 – 9:30 AM | Zoom Video Conference

Helping leaders make informed decisions

amid the complexity of Covid-19 

The Discourse

Go beyond the newspaper headlines and hear diverse perspectives to help you navigate this complex situation.


Leading thinkers and doers will bring to light the full challenges of Covid-19 and what is needed to address the issue today and in the future.

The Perspectives

The Psychologist
The Hospital Leader
The Childcare Provider
The Corporate CEO
The Economist
The Small Business Owner
The Investor
The Social Services Leader
The Politician
The Public Opinion

The Boma Format

Instead of the single voice keynote… 

Multiple viewpoints tackle complex issues shaping our future


Instead of the platitudes of panels…

Question dogma to push for better solutions


Instead of the black and white polarization of debate…

Explore the messy, grey zone of decision making

The location

Zoom interactive video conference will make you feel like you’re at the table with all of the other participants.

This is global

Boma’s global network is gathering voices from around the world to shed light from on the regional perspective.

Covid-19 is shaping our future. Be part of the change.

Access unique insights from leaders in Canada and around the world

Expand your perspectives to inform the decisions you will make in this critical time.

Commit to tangible actions you can take to shape a more intelligent and intentional future

Some things you may be wondering

What is Boma?

Boma is a network of partners around the world that empowers people to shape a more intentional and intelligent future.
We do this by creating transformational learning experiences, custom leadership programs, and interactive events around the world that bring together diverse viewpoints and best of breed innovation.

Where does the name Boma come from?

A boma is a gathering place where people gather around a fire to talk about what is affecting the community and make decisions for action. Growing up in South Africa, Boma Global’s Co-Founder Lara Stein found being in a boma significant experience and believes we need more bomas to create a better future.

Do I need to join for the whole time?

Our preference is you join us for the whole time.
Leaving early or joining late will be like jumping in or out of the middle of a conversation.

This doesn’t feel accessible to me. I don’t think I can participate.

Our intention is to create a welcoming space for all. To do so, we will support and make any possible accommodations.
If it is physical, emotional or other barriers, please let us know and we will do our best to ensure you can join.